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Raid Essentials Multi-Insect Killer, 12 OZ

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Product description

With new Raid Essentials Multi-Insect Killer, they've harnessed the power of essential oils, to make it safe for use around children and pets, while still being quick and effective for killing a variety of pests. The formula is specifically designed with plant-based ingredients to kill bugs, and is safe to use in your home. Now you don’t have to choose between being safe or effective when selecting products to protect your home from bugs.

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Most Popular Positive Comments


I love it … . At the point when we put our trash out subterranean insects tent to get on the patio and in the trash … it was so many the trash didn't actually take it ( and we pay month to month for them to take the trash) I washed and splashed the trash bin and around the region on the yard one time and it's been close to 3 weeks and nothing sense … . It's sleek however that is alright … I like it since it's safe for my feline and my youngsters

Most Popular Negative Comments

Jennifer C. Wingate

I seldom compose surveys, particularly regrettable ones, however I simply maintain that no little ones should be wounded by the misguided feeling of safety this toxin might make. This item leaves an unpleasant sleek buildup that won't ever dry. This item must be hazardous to youngsters and pets. I've been slithering around the house frantically cleaning up this goo. Involving the old sort of shower in each part of your home in turn should be more secure. Simply save the youngsters and pets out the region for a couple of hours while it really dries.


Ideal for use all around your home Safe to use around kids and pets Designed to only kill bugs America’s most trusted insect control brand

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