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Comfort Zone 29 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

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Product description

Constructed this Comfort Zone 29" 3-speed oscillating tower fan emits a powerful, consistent breeze with radial movement. This blade style offers superior relief from the heat and humidity when fan blades. With multiple speed options and a convenient front-facing control dial, this 3-speed tower fan can circulate the air in stale, musty rooms or generate a powerful, consistent breeze to combat heat and humidity. For added control over the airflow output, this oscillating fan tower air out a room in just a few minutes or provides heat relief to a room full of people. With a sturdy base, this quiet room fan boasts exceptional stability, which helps prevent children or pets from knocking it over. For added convenience, the small footprint is suitable for tiny offices and other areas that require increased airflow. The motor is virtually silent, making it ideal for placement beside your bed or in your home office.

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  • Review : 4.1
  • Rating: 329
  • recommended: 88%
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Most Popular Positive Comments


I Purchased this fan to add a dissemination to our main washroom. In the late spring it can get very hot in the room and this fan has made a difference. A more modest fan wouldn't actually work for a standard room. Be that as it may, assuming you want something more modest and calm this is an extraordinary item.

Most Popular Negative Comments


It scarcely gives any breeze! On level 3 it appears to be not exactly level 1 on some other fan! I don't suggest it!!


3-speed control Osciallting feature to distribute air across a wider area Sturdy large base High-performance centrifugal blades for ultimate cooling comfort Space saving design 5' polarized plug with safety fuse

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