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Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan

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Product description

This 42″ Electric Tower Fan with Remote Control has a Fresh Air Ionizer and a high reaching capacity for maximum air delivery. Attractively designed with metallic accents, this space-saver will disperse cool air and freshen any room or office.

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  • Review : 4.6
  • Rating: 35714
  • recommended: 95%
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  • Review : 4.7
  • Rating: 34
  • recommended: 97%
  • 5 stars : 88%
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  • Review : 4.5
  • Rating: 1814
  • recommended: 92%
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Most Popular Positive Comments

Just Another Mom

Farewell appalling box fan! Hi stunning cooling tower! This is the fan I've been longing for quite a long time. It is murmur tranquil and inconspicuous, while pushing out a ton of wind stream. I was shocked at how tall it was, yet anything more modest presumably wouldn't be as viable in my kitchen/lounge area/front room joined space. I am so content with this buy!

Most Popular Negative Comments


I have had this under a day and the diabolical murmur is making me crazy. It's not the fan - that is repetitive sound. This is in a real sense the murmur of the engine. Furthermore, it's an unnatural B. On the off chance that you're a prepared performer DO NOT get this, you will think constantly about it whenever the fan is on. It had a go at running it for some time to become accustomed to it and regarded myself as worrying. At long last switched it off and I quickly loose. Call me crazy however this is getting brought tomorrow back. I'm as of now finished with it.


Elegant profile and metallic accents Built-in carry handle High-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery 3 Quiet speeds The Blue Plug Patented safety fuse technology Simple base assembly required E.T.L. listed

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